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  1. TWIRLING WINGS - Rear Two-Hand Stiff-Arm Shoulder Grab

  2. SNAPPING TWIG - Front Left Hand Chest Push

  3. LEAPING CRANE - Front Right Step Through Punch

  4. BUCKLING BRANCH - Front Left Step Through Kick

  5. CRUSHING HAMMER - Rear Bear-Hug, Arms Pinned

  6. CAPTURED LEAVES - Right Flank Finger Lock

  7. CALMING THE STORM - Front Right Step Through Roundhouse Club

  8. CROSSING TALON Front -  Right Cross Wrist Grab

  9. REVERSING MACE -  Front Left Step Through Straight Punch

  10. THRUSTING PRONGS - Front Bear-Hug, Arms Pinned

  11. LOCKED WING - Rear Hammerlock

  12. OBSCURE WING - Right Flank Left Hand Shoulder Grab

  13. RAINING CLAW - Front Right Uppercut Punch

  14. SPIRALLING TWIG - Rear Bear-Hug, Arms Free

  15. TWISTED TWIG - Front Wrist Lock

  16. OBSCURE SWORD - Right Flank Left Hand Shoulder Grab


Short Form 2


Stance Set 1

Purple Freestyle Techniques

Your progress toward Purple Belt entails "learning how to learn". It requires spending your time constructively, discarding such statements as, "I love work, I can sit and watch it all day." Remember that skill can only come about through the proper use of time, and disciplined effort. There is no other way, especially if you desire to become self-correcting. As with other facets of your training, tailoring is important. Identical ingredients to successful learning may not apply to all, but the proportion of each ingredient will vary according to an individual's natural attributes.

Some of the ingredients necessary for effective learning are CONCENTRATION, COORDINATION, MATHEMATICAL PRECISION, TIMING, PERSEVERANCE, and MENTAL DISCIPLINE. It is only natural that you may be required to work harder at one precept than that of another, but the key is to have each precept developed proportionately to the limits of your present capacity. We can say this of the following:

  • CONCENTRATION enables you to analyse each situation, evaluate its importance, and come to a satisfactory conclusion. At the Purple belt level you should be able to intelligently ask questions and discuss the Martial Arts with any Black Belt.

  • COORDINATION, though lacking in some individuals, can be developed. You must strive to be equally co-ordinated on both sides of your self-defence techniques, freestyle techniques, and your forms. Co-ordination is necessary because it allows you to have your body function harmoniously and effectively with your mind.

  • MATHEMATICAL PRECISION must be learned for you to increase your effectiveness with each move. At this level your stance work should be nearly impeccable. It requires having your upper body synchronise with your stances.

  • TIMING is another ingredient that contributes to your scale of effectiveness. It is the regulation of speed with which each technique is performed that produces effective results. As you learn to bring all of your basics into "SYNC", you will have realised a key ingredient to becoming a Purple Belt.

  • PERSEVERANCE is that driving force that allows you to see a goal to its conclusion. It is that act or quality of never giving up in spite of the difficulties encountered. Your instructor may have been able to "make" you a Yellow Belt or an Orange Belt, but he cannot "make" you a Purple Belt. This you will have to do with intense work and the guidance of your instructor.

  • MENTAL DISCIPLINE trains your mind to develop order, self- control, character, and efficiency. It is that ability to discipline, train, and control your mind that ultimately earns you the rank of Purple Belt.

Developing these principles helps to instil grace and confidence, while simultaneously implanting humility and respect for authority, and acceptable tradition. Through dedicated practice, humility will automatically eliminate pride and self-assertion. When this is accomplished, respect is gained.

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