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  1. DOMINATING CIRCLES - Front Offset Right Hand Grab to Right Shoulder

  2. TWIST OF FATE Front Two-Hand Push

  3. FLASHING MACE Front Right Step Through Punch

  4. DETOUR FROM DOOM Front Right Roundhouse Kick

  5. GIFT OF DESTINY Front Handshake

  6. BLINDING SACRIFICE Front Two-Hand Shoulder Grab

  7. RETURNING STORM Front Inward Roundhouse and Backhand Club

  8. GLANCING SPEAR Front Right Direct, Left Wrist Grab

  9. ENCOUNTER WITH DANGER Front Two-Hand Push

  10. GATHERING CLOUDS Front Right Punch

  11. CIRCLE OF DOOM Front Right Straight Kick

  12. SQUATTING SACRIFICE Rear Bear-Hug, Arms Free

  13. FALLEN CROSS Rear Two-Hand Choke

  14. BRUSHING THE STORM Right Flank Right Step Though Overhead Club

  15. DESPERATE FALCON Front Two-Hand Direct Grabs to Both Wrists

  16. CIRCLING THE HORIZON Front Right Step Through Punch

  17. GRIPPING TALON Front Left Direct Grab to the Right Wrist

  18. BROKEN RAM Front Tackle

  19. CIRCLING DESTRUCTION Front Left Step Through Punch

  20. OBSCURE CLAWS Right Flank Left Hand Shoulder Grab


Long Form 3


Stance Set 2

Blocking Set 2

3rd Degree Brown Freestyle Techniques

"Power" is one of the key ingredients in your development toward Third Degree Brown Belt. If you have trained regularly and intelligently, and have followed the guidelines of the preceding journals, generating power at this level should come easily to you. Through the gradual stages of co-ordination, fluidity, and speed you should now be at a level where you can "concentrate" as well as "synchronise" your body, mind, and breath. Always remember, "Flow first, power later". Remember that it is not the aim of Kenpo to merely produce a skilful as well as powerful practitioner, but to create a well-integrated student respectful of all. The superconscious self is like a genie within you who, when called upon, performs beyond the limits placed upon your natural or normal self. This "power" may be used for the benefit or destruction of yourself and/or others. Always use discretion when expending power.

As a Brown Belt you will have reached an advanced stage of training. You should have read, as much as possible, from Mr. Parker's writings. Now, more than ever, you must be a positive example to your fellow students. Others will be looking to you for guidance and training. You must train regularly, diligently, and with intensity. In order to do and explain Mr. Parker's system, you must be able to intellectually and intuitively understand it's simplicity, and its sophistication.

Your basics should reflect your new understanding of the concepts and principles of technique movement. Power should emanate as a result of the integration of those concepts and principles.

Employ feinting when freestyling. Know when to use it and how to use it to your advantage. Discern when to attack in a direct line, and when to attack on an angle. Know when to attack with explosive flurries, and when to yield. Spend time learning, understanding, and internalising the many aspects of Environment. Determine how Environment can work for or against you, or your opponent(s). Be confident when sparring multiple opponents.

Major emphasis will again be placed on Self-Defense Techniques. All prior knowledge must be applied to your new material. An added feature is the Analysis of Motion. Study and application of its contents will lead you to greater levels of spontaneity. As a final note, you must dedicate extensive, but intelligent hours, to the practice of your Third Degree Brown Belt Techniques. Lessons at this level represent sophisticated motion viewed on a higher plane. Self-Defense Techniques against multiple attackers, knife attacks, concepts of surveying, etc. demand exceptional technical skills.

Therefore, do not be enticed to advance your study prematurely.

Understand the "Themes" of these techniques. They insure maximum benefit once properly understood.

Be prepared to test in front of the A.K.K.S. testing board. Your Thesis Abstract should be clear and concise. Your Thesis Form should be creative, as well as an expression of harmonious, and powerful movements. You must be tuned to maximum performance. You must have strength, flexibility, speed, and endurance. Your physical movements must be an expression of you -- of the internal harmony that lies within you. Internal harmony gives you the confidence and ability to apply your knowledge. It helps to control fear and anger, to develop a positive attitude, and residually permits unrelenting action.

It allows you to get the job done, no matter what the task.

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