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  1. DELAYED SWORD - Front Right Punch or Lapel Grab

  2. ALTERNATING MACE - Front Two-Hand Push

  3. SWORD OF DESTRUCTION - Front Left Straight Punch or Roundhouse Punch

  4. DEFLECTING HAMMER - Front Right Thrust Kick

  5. CAPTURED TWIGS - Rear Bear-Hug, Arms Pinned

  6. GRASP OF DEATH - Left Flank-Right Arm Headlock

  7. CHECKING THE STORM - Right Step Through Overhead Club Attack

  8. MACE OF AGGRESSION - Two-Hand Lapel Grab

  9. ATTACKING MACE - Front Right Punch

  10. SWORD AND HAMMER - Right Flank- Left Hand Shoulder Grab

  11. AGGRESSIVE TWINS - Front Two-Hand Push

  12. INTELLECTUAL DEPARTURE - Front Right Thrust Kick

  13. SPREADING THE BRANCH - Rear Bear-Hug, Arms Pinned


Short Form 1


Blocking Set 1 (Star Block)

Yellow Freestyle Techniques

Most people are totally oblivious of danger. Others disregard danger, convinced that danger will never be a part of their life. However, whatever your attitude might be, be realistic and ACCEPT the fact that impending dangers do exist, and consider them seriously. Once you ACCEPT the existence of these impending dangers, and realise that logical measures of prevention can help to avoid them, you have inherently armed yourself with a prime weapon against attack.

You must then create the DESIRE to do something about it, have the CONVICTION to begin your study of preventive measures, and instil the WILL POWER to see your desire to completion.

Whatever the attitude so is the response. When in or out of class treat your fellow students with respect. Belittle no one, encourage all, and become an inspiring example. Develop positive attitudes at all times. Avoid being averse to changing your attitude. Be willing to learn, to think, to accept challenges, to explore, and to share the knowledge learned. As you grasp the elements of the Art, be creative! Do not just solve problems, but discover what they are! Subsequently, do not criticise others unless you have established solutions. Problems without answers serve no purpose. Cultivate flexible thoughts. They help to expand your Vocabulary of Motion. Developing flexible thoughts inevitably leads to increasing your ability to alter and tailor.

Diligently study the terminology for it contains a wealth of answers provided by Mr. Parker. Do not procrastinate. Make every effort to learn the terminology now. It will accelerate your understanding of Kenpo, and increase your enjoyment of the art. Commence with basics. Do not be enticed to advance your study of the art prematurely. Commence with fundamentals of importance. First master your stances. They are the foundation of your fighting art. If you follow this advice, you will find greater enjoyment in Kenpo, and look forward to continued study. This same art will additionally yield self-confidence, self-awareness, alertness, self-discipline, etc.all of which may be called upon if needed to defend yourself.

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